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Import your room calendar to display availibilities on your site

Written by Thomas
Published on 1/21/2021

You need to connect a Calendar with iCal format to a room to start accepting booking requests.

Import a Calendar from your Airbnb

Get the export URL

Calendar exporting lets you view your synced Airbnb calendar (actually any iCal calendar format) for a specific room on your booking site.

To retrieve your Airbnb calendar export URL, log in to your Airbnb account on a desktop computer or mobile device. This feature is not available using the Airbnb app.

  1. Go to your dashboard > Listings and select a listing
  2. Click Availability
  3. Click Export Calendar found under Sync calendars
  4. In the Export Calendar window, copy the URL address

Paste URL in Room settings

From your Myror Dashboard, go to Sites > {Room name} > Room Details > Calendar Integration, paste the URL address and save.

import calendar

Now, when you open the calendar of the room on the booking site, availabilities will appear and guests will be able to submit a booking request form.

Next, you want to keep all your calendars updated whenever your get a booking from your Myror direct booking site.

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