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Edit Site Images

Description of images you can edit in your template with their precise location

Written by Thomas
Published on 3/31/2022

How to edit your site images

To edit your site images, navigate to Sites > Site Settings > Featured Images.

settings featured images

Note it will take up to 60sec for your changes to reflect on your live website. If you don’t see the changes after one minute, kindly empty your cache and refresh the page

Naming and location of editable images

Here is a list of images that are editable in every templates:


The logo of your website appears on the top center of your Landing Page and is also used as your favicon.

Image 1 (Main Background Picture)

Image 1 is the main picture of your website, used as the fullscreen background picture of your Landing Page. It is set automatically when you import your first Airbnb listing.

Screenshot of sites

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