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Export Calendar

Export your room calendar to keep calendars synchronized among all platforms

Written by Thomas
Published on 8/16/2021

You need to subscribe to the PRO package to unlock this functionality.

Export a Calendar from your room settings

Get the calendar export URL

Using the calendar export link provided by Myror, you can easily keep all your calendars updated whenever you get a new booking from your Myror-powered booking site.

To retrieve a calendar export link (iCal format) for a given room, log in to your Myror account and go to your the room settings.

  1. Go to Sites > select a site
  2. In Rooms > select a room
  3. Go to Export calendar
  4. Copy the URL address

export calendar

Paste the URL on other booking platforms

Here is a list of tutorial to add your Myror calendar URL to your preferred booking platforms:

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